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From Business To Beignets: My Essence Festival 2014 Recap

For the last 20 years, the Essence Festival has been the center stage for music, fashion, business, networking and fun! Festival attendees come ready to be entertained, and schooled on topics ranging from lifestyle to business and leave with an overwhelming sense of inspiration and redefined purpose. As a first time Essence Festival attendee, I can say that my experience was all of the above. While at the festival, I had the opportunity to introduce my brand Relay Collective/LumiBloom to several festival goers, as well as, present at a private party that was sponsored by us. The entire weekend was insightful and exciting at every turn! Here is a glimpse of a few highlights from my trip.

Day 1_7-05-2014.jpg

Day 1_7__2014_2.jpg



Day 17-05-2014

During the day at the Super Dome, we took the initiative to inform some of the festival attendees about Relay Collective and LumiBloom.  Throughout our interactions, we were delighted with the reaction and feedback.  We were pleased to learn that they loved our hair and hair care products.  That night, We hung out in the  Super Lounges that were set up within the Convention Center, which were intimate and full of energy.








Learn more about LumiBloom hair by visiting the Relay Collective website. Visit site.