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LumiBloom Infograph: Hairstyle Switch Ups

If there was one thing you should know about me, that one thing is how bored I quickly become with hairstyles. Within any given month, I change up my hairstyles at least 2-3 times, especially while I’m training during my professional track season. But, being someone who changes hairstyles frequently due to my preference and fitness routine, I couldn’t help but wonder how many other women switch up hairstyles often, and how many have one tried and true hairstyle that they stick to because they know what works for them. My Relay Collective/LumiBloom team did a questionnaire and here are the results.


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LumiBloom Infograph: Getting Your Hair Ready For Bed

Let’s face it, when you’re tired and ready for bed you may not feel like doing anything other than closing your eyes. But aside from taking your makeup off, getting your hair prepped for bedtime is just as important, too.  Besides..waking up with tangled hair, has never been good for anyone. All hair textures are different, but for some going to bed without a hair maintenance routine can ause breakage. However, to prevent breakage a satin hair pillow is good on the hair at night.

Recently, I conducted a survey to find out the hair habits of women at bedtime. The results are below. Which category are you in?


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#TBT: Nothing Says ‘Supreme’ Style Like A Bob And Bang

During the 1920’s, the bob hairstyle was worn by the women who considered themselves as modern and stylish. Although longer hairstyles became more popular during the 1930’s causing the bob trend to fade, it wasn’t during the 1950’s that the hairstyle became popular again! Entertainers of all kinds, from the small screen to the big stage considered the bob as the funky style of choice to best adorn their heads. Acts such as Diana Ross and The Supremes, crooned and rocked their hits wearing the style, thus driving the popularity even more during that time. Throughout the years, the bob and bang combination has come and gone, and truthfully always will, as classic trends often do. Most recently, the hairstyle was spotted on Zendaya Coleman who decided to take a major cut to her tresses. I’m happy to witness the continuous revival of an neverending fabulous hairstyle.


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Instagram Glam: 5 Celeb Caught In The Act of Having Fierce Style!

Everyday on Instagram there often seems to be a massive style-off taking place by fashionistas and celebrities. Although no one is directly competing with the other, it’s seems to be Instagram glam etiquette, that ‘thou shalt look fierce when taking a photo.’  Among the celebs pictured in the midst of their glamorous red carpet moments, those snapshots serve as inspiration when getting dolled up to the nines is mandatory. After all, you can never really have an excuse to get dressed up.  To check out my Instagram Glam picks of the week, scroll through the numbers below to see stars who didn’t miss a style beat. 

Brandy goes cool and casual with sporty, chic accessories.


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LumiBloom Infograph: What Women Want When Buying Shampoo & Conditioner

Is it time for a shampoo and conditioner refill? Recently, my brand LumiBloom conducted a survey asking women what they look for in a shampoo and conditioner product when making a purchase. The responses varied from women who want products that replenish hair, to those who want something organic or cruelty-free.  Overall, women have great expectations of the health of their hair, and are becoming more aware of why they should avoid using products with harmful chemicals. Which percentage do you gravitate towards?