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Welcome to Bloom & Glamour a one stop portal to the latest fashion trends, hot celebrity hairstyles and last but not least, my favorite things. Before you start to explore, maybe I should tell you a little bit about me.

I’m MacKenzie Hill a world class Track and Field hurdler, committed entrepreneur and die hard fashionista. I have been running since I was 13 years old, competed all over the world and have participated on a host of US National teams. I’m also a UCLA graduate with a passion for business and female empowerment through entrepreneurship. And finally, I have always had a keen interest in and eye for identifying what’s hot in fashion and spotting the next big thing.

My life and interests have come together in the founding of my own company, Relay Collective and beauty brand LumiBloom! At Relay among other things we promote economic freedom by supporting a network of consultants and brand ambassadors, while at the same time, helping women on the go stay pulled together and fashionable with LumiBloom hair and hair care products.

Sport was my first love, not just because I like to compete, but because it perfectly aligns work, achievement and reward. The same is true for our company, where we are creating a platform that enables others to achieve their dreams and live they life desire. We make it easy and fun leveraging social media and social networks to share LumiBloom branded products.

Relay Collective and LumiBloom are about more than just glamour and beauty and even more than my drive to build a thriving, rapid growth, enterprise. The company and the products are about self determination. They are about empowering individuals to make choices that fit them best while building their own businesses selling products that many of us, especially African American women, regularly use. For me it’s all about owning every aspect of who you are, and living life out loud, boldly, beautifully and bountifully!

So welcome to my blog Bloom and Glamour, where you can stay on point and on trend while at the same time embracing your inner beauty and maybe even join me in my entrepreneurial endeavors.



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