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Fitness Tips From LumiBloom Ambassador and Gold Medal Track Star Shevon Stoddart



At the turn of the fall season, many women look for ways to turn over a new leaf when it comes to getting their fitness in gear. Perhaps, you’ve been hitting the gym hard or looking for motivation to get started on a routine. LumiBloom Ambassador, professional track star, and gold medal athlete, Shevon Stoddart shares a glimpse of her fitness routine.

LumiBloom: What are some fitness tips that you might have for someone who is just beginning their workout routine?

Shevon Stoddart: I like to stretch a like before my workouts and I recommend when using weights to start with body weight before actual weights.

LumiBloom: Do you have a meal preference prior to your competition?

Shevon Stoddart: My meals depends on where I’m racing, but if I’m home I like to have eggs, bacon and pancakes.

LumiBloom: What’s your routine like on the day of a big competition?

Shevon Stoddart: For the day of competition, I like to eat a good meal and get plenty of rest before I leave out for my race.

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