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A+ Hair Tips: Get Fab Hair In 5 Minutes With The Faux Bob




Let’s keep it real! You know those moments when you’ve just gotten your hair done and your hairstyle is looking fabulous? The compliments are pouring in and you’re totally feeling yourself. Then your hot hairstyle makes you want to set plans for a girls night, after you hit the gym. But wait, rewind. You’re suddenly worried about that hairstyle, aren’t you? Well ease your mind! We’ve got the perfect hairstyle solution – the Faux Bob. Between your workout and hitting the city scene with your girls – Get Fab Hair in 5 Minutes With The Faux Bob, with these quick steps.

1) Comb and brush your hair, placing the part in the middle or on the side as you desire.

2) Section the back of your hair, without making parts.

3) Roll each section under to the lower end of your head and pin hair securely in place.

4) Spritz holding spray on your hair to keep in place.

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