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Reset and Revamp Your Workout Gear With Our Picks!



Fitness wear is having a fashion moment and we are loving every second! Gone are the days when working out consisted of oversized, old sweatshirts and frumpy leggings. Now, there are so many textures, prints and fabrics blended together to make the perfect fitness look of function and fashion. In some cases, you might even be tempted to carry over your fitness pieces into your wardrobe when you’re not at the gym! Besides, what better way to feel motivated to workout when your look is pumped up with style? Ready to hit the gym, with fitness gear that can keep up the pace? Reset and revamp your workout gear with our picks!

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Fitness Tips From LumiBloom Ambassador and Gold Medal Track Star Shevon Stoddart



At the turn of the fall season, many women look for ways to turn over a new leaf when it comes to getting their fitness in gear. Perhaps, you’ve been hitting the gym hard or looking for motivation to get started on a routine. LumiBloom Ambassador, professional track star, and gold medal athlete, Shevon Stoddart shares a glimpse of her fitness routine.

LumiBloom: What are some fitness tips that you might have for someone who is just beginning their workout routine?

Shevon Stoddart: I like to stretch a like before my workouts and I recommend when using weights to start with body weight before actual weights.

LumiBloom: Do you have a meal preference prior to your competition?

Shevon Stoddart: My meals depends on where I’m racing, but if I’m home I like to have eggs, bacon and pancakes.

LumiBloom: What’s your routine like on the day of a big competition?

Shevon Stoddart: For the day of competition, I like to eat a good meal and get plenty of rest before I leave out for my race.

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A+ Hair Tips: Get Fab Hair In 5 Minutes With The Faux Bob




Let’s keep it real! You know those moments when you’ve just gotten your hair done and your hairstyle is looking fabulous? The compliments are pouring in and you’re totally feeling yourself. Then your hot hairstyle makes you want to set plans for a girls night, after you hit the gym. But wait, rewind. You’re suddenly worried about that hairstyle, aren’t you? Well ease your mind! We’ve got the perfect hairstyle solution – the Faux Bob. Between your workout and hitting the city scene with your girls – Get Fab Hair in 5 Minutes With The Faux Bob, with these quick steps.

1) Comb and brush your hair, placing the part in the middle or on the side as you desire.

2) Section the back of your hair, without making parts.

3) Roll each section under to the lower end of your head and pin hair securely in place.

4) Spritz holding spray on your hair to keep in place.
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5 Ways To Join The Fight And Show Support For Breast Cancer Awareness Month


According to National Breast Cancer Fund, 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. For this reason, the mission to continue raising awareness of this disease and its symptoms, and how to effectively treat it is more important now than ever. Thankfully, there are a number of ways to honor Breast Cancer survivors, as well as, those whose lives were tragically cut short. Here are 5 ways to join the fight and show support for Breast Cancer Awareness month.

1) Know A Survivor? Celebrate them. Let the Breast Cancer survivor in your life know how much their courageous fight has inspired you. Surprise them with a meaningful gift as a token of love.

2) Call the girls, and skip your usual weekend brunch. Instead host an at home pink themed brunch, complete with pink beverages and baked goods. Collectively, the money that you all were going to spend at the restaurant can now be donated to a Breast Cancer cause.

3) Whether you’re a fashionista or beautyista, there are numerous ways to show your support this month. From Sephora to athletic retailers to jewelry brands, the options of paying it forward in style are endless.

4) Ready to take your fitness routine a bit further? Make a commitment to train and/or sign up for a Breast Cancer related walk or marathon.

5) Dogs really are a man’s best friend and many have the gift of cheering people up. If this sounds like something your dog has a gift of doing, consider registering them as a therapy dog.

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Try Cookie’s Over-The-Top Empire Fashion Look With These Inspirational Finds


Empire is finally back! For us, months of waiting for the star-studded premiere was too long to bear. But as the episode unfolded last night, we found every second of the Lyons family drama, well worth the wait! Speaking of drama, who could forget Cookie’s entrance at the ‘Free Lucious’ benefit concert? The statement she made verbally was one thing, but the statement her feathered, sheer Gucci dress made was ferociously fierce! We can always count on Cookie for fashion inspiration, right? Well, for your next night out, why not try Cookie’s over-the-top Empire fashion look with these inspirational finds.